Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Agramonte has a new companion

This is another special edition of Rosyfinch Ramblings to update the situation after Sagua, our granddaughters' 7 year old pet Tibetan Mastiff died last week. (See: "Remembering Sagua") Their parents lost no time in finding a companion for her "brother" Agramonte, now 8 years old.

Our new "Grand-puppy" is named Siboney (pronounced see-BOH-neh). This is an Anglicized word which has its origin in "Ciboney" the name of a pre-Colonial indigenous population in Cuba. Following Spanish conquest they, and all Cuban native groups, had disappeared by the end of the 1500s. Our son-in-law is a Cuban native (born in Sagua La Grande), and their dogs have all had names of significance in Cuban history, shortened as follows: Maceo, a Doberman-Lab mix, Maximo, an American Mastiff, followed by Tibetan Mastiffs Agramonte, Sagua, and now Siboney.

While visiting the breeder, a litter of puppies surrounded the girls. They were black and tan just like Sagua:

Graci with Tibetan Mastiff Puppies 20160124

Cari with Tibetan Mastiff Puppies 20160124

Siboney is on the right, with two litter mates:

Siboney litter mates

Siboney's Dad, Atilla the Hun:

ATILLA the Hun  - Siboney's dad

Siboney's Mom, Kita Bear:

KITA Bear - Siboney's Mom

Welcoming Siboney to the family:

Cari with Siboney

Graci Cari with Siboney

Doing what Tibetan Mastiffs do best:

Siboney sleeping CROP


Siboney portrait2 CROP

Agramonte greeting Siboney. They played until Siboney just stopped to take a nap:
Agramonte and Siboney


  1. oh, such cute little lion/bear cubs. congrats to them!

  2. AH! he is absolutely GORGEOUS Kenneth. it s great that Agramonte go on with him.

  3. Oh, what a great post...love them all! Siboney is so cute and adorable.

  4. Congrats to all and what a cutie!


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