Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crops & Clips: Flashback to June, 2014

What a thrill to be looking back three years to June, 2014. It was a very active month. As usual I will search my archives for some interesting memes among the 368 photos processed out of the thousands I took that month. I will find lots of Critters, including plenty of Wild Birds, some beautiful Skies and Reflections, Wordless scenes that depict All Seasons, and do hope to continue my string of Fences. Let's get started.

We began the month at our permanent residence in south Florida, where, on June 3, I photographed a female Northern Flicker (I know it is a female because appropriately, she lacks a black mustache):

Northern Flicker 20140603

I cannot resist including another photo taken the same day, a portrait of a Muscovy drake in our back yard. I think he is so ugly that he curved back across the line to beautiful:

Muscovy Drake portrait 20140603

A White-tail buck in velvet was an irresistible Critter (June 5):

White-tailed Deer buck in velvet 20140605

Alas, already overburdened with Critters, I still must honor the singing Eastern Meadowlark who greeted us on June 8, when we returned to our second home in NE Illinois:

Eastern Meadowlark 2-20140608

On June 13 we embarked on our Alaska cruise. On the way out of Vancouver, BC I captured this lighthouse scene which inspired me to "paint" it (using Corel PaintShop Pro):

Lighthouse heavy paint 20140613

Three days later, approaching Hoonah, Alaska, the water was too disturbed to provide me with needed reflections:

Approaching Hoonah 3-20140616

I see a couple of fences at the dock!

Approaching Hoonah 4-20140616

In Hoonah, this boat looked as if it had been up on dry-dock for many years, so I decided it certainly needed to be "painted:"

Hoonah Alaska painting 20140616

The next day June 15), only the heads of these two Bald Eagles were reflecting-- not entirely satisfying:

Bald Eagles adults 20140615

A roar and tidal waves as the Hubbard Glacier is calving:

Hubbard Glacier calving sequence 21-20140619

The docks at Seward, Alaska, with our ship "Radiance of the Sea" in the background:

Radiance of the Seas at dock in Seward 20140620

On the way back to Anchorage on June 23, a last look at Denali  (Mount McKinley) through the train window...

View of Mt McKinley from train 09-20140623

...and finally a real reflection amd a beautiful sky, though blurred by the train's movement:

View from Denale-Anchorage train 02-20140623

To spare the reader more boredom, I left out the remaining 354 photos, but if you need more punishment, feel free to skim my Alaska blogs (Critters galore!)

Cruising to Ketchikan, Alaska

Cruising to Alaska's Icy Strait and Hoonah

Visiting Juneau and Skagway

Hubbard Glacier and Seward, Alaska

Denali National Park

Riding the rails from Denali to Anchorage


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  1. wow. A lot of great shots. Muskcovies may not be the coolest creatures, but that shot is marvelous.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Brilliant captures!

  3. wow your photos are fantastic nature fantastic. Love from Poland

  4. Love the beautiful reflection you captured

  5. A wonderful series of images! I did an Alaska cruise with Holland America in May 2015... It was and amazing trip and the scenery was breathtaking.

  6. Beautiful shots! I'd love to go to B.C. and Alaska someday.

  7. What an awesome trip. So many beautiful things to look at.

  8. Love all these shots but the first 'Hoonah' landscape the best. Have a good weekend!

  9. Thank you for sharing your adventures Kenneth. A wonderful selection.

  10. A beautiful series of photos! I agree, the duck is so ugly he's beautiful!!

  11. Hello, beautiful scenic shots. I love the meadowlark singing. Wonderful photos and post. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  12. I will not be able to see Alaska in this lifetime so thanks very much for the tour. And i smiled at your parting words, when you left 354 more photos! I guess i will look at the rest of them.

  13. Wow...that journey to Alaska was a thrill to go with you today thru the magic of photos. Thanks for letting us tag along. Love the 'painting of the lighthouse'!!!
    And of course, your birds. The flicker I favor today. She's gorgeous. You captured her beauty for sure!!

    Thanks for sharing this weekend, at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Your participation is always so much appreciated!!

  14. What an incredible selection you've posted. I'm still laughing at the black mustache remark.

  15. Can't help but smile at your profile of the Muscovy Drake! Wow, painting a boat is no small task! Awesome beauty in the landscapes you saw!! So happy you shared all this beauty with All Seasons! And I thought a few hundred photos was over the top - now I don't have to feel bad anymore :):) Have a beautiful week!

  16. Ken. A fabulous selections of memories.

  17. Great shots.
    Thanks for sharing at

  18. Always impressed with this little challenge you've created for yourself and how it is always a triumph. And it really was this many wonderful birds in Florida ....and Alaska is of course a miracle. I remember reading some of your Alaska blog posts here (I think) but will check out your separTe blogs when I have time. We loved our time there!

  19. Nice set of pictures - tend to agree with you about the duck!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. These are wonderful memories of a great time for you! The scenery and critters are just lovely but I just can't quite call the duck 'beautiful' :)

  21. That Flicker and the Meadowlark, just wonderful! And I love the scenery photos so much, both Florida AND Alaska! Great post!


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