Thursday, June 21, 2018

Crops & Clips: Summer is here

It has been a busy week but Mary Lou and I have gotten out into the Wounded Wetlands before sunrise almost every morning. Summer season has really set in, with calm humid mornings, gathering clouds and afternoon rain. Sunrise sometimes can look as if the world has been set afire:

Looking east at sunrise minus 25 minutes, as we walk into our local patch:

Sunrise minus 25 minutes 01-20180618

Five minutes later and we are deeper into the wetlands:

Sunrise minus 20 minutes 02-20180618

Over the ocean, a distant thunderhead belches "Dragon Breath:"

Before sunrise 02-20180617

Dragon's breath 20180618

The sky lightens up, 15 minutes before sunrise:

Sunrise minus 15 minutes 03-20180618

To the southwest, opposite the rising sun, mirrored rays extend to the far horizon:

Sky opposite sunrise 20180618

Sun brightens the cloud tops north of the lake:

Distant clouds 20180618

No breeze mars the water's surface:

Great Egret reflectiion 01-20180615

A "Piebald" immature Little Blue Heron forages methodically:

Little Blue Heron immature piebald 06-20180617

It is molting from the white coat it has worn for a year, into the dark blue of an adult:

Little Blue Heron immature piebald 08-20180617

Little Blue Heron immature piebald 07-20180617

A successful strike:

Little Blue Heron immature piebald 05-20180617

By midsummer it will resemble the parents:

Little Blue Heron 06-20161215

An immature Green Heron takes flight:

Green Heron immature 05-20180614

Green Heron in flight 01-20180614

Green Heron in flight 02-20180614

A Great Egret balances on limber treetop branches:

Great Egret 02-20180614

High water in the Everglades drives the deer to higher ground. This White-tailed doe did not catch my scent in the still air. She walked right past me:

White-tailed Doe 03-20180618

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  1. ohhhhhhhhh how twilight gives us gold

  2. Great light in these photos!

  3. You must feel as if you are leaving the bad things of the world behind when you walk in those wetlands.

  4. How beautiful! Words fail me.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. You get the most incredible sunrise shots! Beautiful photography.

  6. Wow that sky is just amazing and fabulous photos. Having said that, the heron and egret shots are also excellent. Have a good weekend Diane

  7. I love the beautiful, colorful skies!

  8. Wow, gorgeous sky captures. I love all the waders. Great shots of the Egret, Little Blue Heron. Awesome captures of the Green Heron in flight. Pretty deer. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I appreciate your visit and comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. Gorgeous skies you have captured. Love the herons and the egret. The deer seems not to be bothered.

  10. The sky shots are amazing! Love seeing the Little Blue Heron!

  11. Wow! Gorgeous sunrise shots! I used to get some great ones in Tucson. Love the heron photos! Just beautiful!

  12. You are doing so great to get out early. It's very still and warm even at that time of day but you've seen some amazing skies and wonderful wildlife. I haven't seen a deer in a long time! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Awesome sunrise! And I love your heron shots.

  14. Beautiful sunrises to start the day off! Love tha great egret's my favorite today!

    For sharing this post with us birders, I thank you.

  15. Ps...I forgot to mention earlier, I learned something...I did not know about the Eastern Kingbird's crest!

  16. Exquisite photography, loved every one of them.

  17. Beautiful series of images.....fabulous skies!

  18. Amazing sunrise, beautiful bird photos.

  19. What wonderful light. Fishing and photography make an early riser of me when I am holiday - and it's almost always worth it. (Work days, less so!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. The captures of the sunrise are unforgettable and STUNNING!The strike and the reflection of it is amazing.
    About your comment: it must be such a relief to have the condo sold:) You or your family can still travel to meet each other for holidays and special times. It might interest you that this grand daughter is taking up nursing as a major.
    Wishing you a grand week!

  21. Your skies are so beautiful, almost overwhelmingly so. Wonderful photos!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  22. Beautiful sun rays and a series of pictures at sunrise. - Margy


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