Thursday, March 17, 2022

Subtle signs of spring

Snow has mostly melted as our first winter in Connecticut draws to an end. Despite freezing temperatures overnight we finally are seeing blue skies. After one snowstorm, a male Eastern Bluebird flew in to inspect one of the nest boxes:

A pair visited the other nest box after our last snowfall:

My photo of the female bluebird unintentionally  included a photobombing male Northern Flicker perching nearby:

The female bluebird preferred to watch from a branch, providing a nice view of her less conspicuous plumage:

So far I have not seen them bringing nesting materials to either nest box.

American Goldfinches flocked to the sunflower feeder:

Males are beginning to molt into their bright yellow breeding colors. A male (to the upper right above) shows a hint of yellow around its neck, while this male also shows a few black feathers emerging near its bill:

For comparison, here is a male I photographed in Illinois during the summer of 2017:

Tufted Titmice often carry away sunflower seeds to pry open in a more secluded location:

Black-capped Chickadees always cheer me up even when the snow is falling, although their eyes do not reflect much light and are nearly invisible amid black feathers:

An American Robin stopped at the platform to look for a snow-covered cherry:

Diamond Lake, just down the hill, is no longer iced over. No need to bundle up against the frigid wind as we walk the lane along the shore:

The leaves of the Rhododendron seem to have come back to life. Perhaps the flower buds have also survived the winter:

Sunsets have been to die for. This is the view from a bedroom window of our suite. The swimming pool cover is snow-free:

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  1. The blue birds and goldfinches were wonderful to see and sure signs that spring is coming soon. The snow is nearly gone here in NH as well, except for some snow piles in parking lots but with rain and a 70 degree day this week, more will be melting away. You are managing to get such colorful sky shots from you new home, different than from the FL scenes, but still beautiful.

  2. Wow! What a terrific series of late winter/early spring photographs, Ken!

    The Chickadee images would make a great Christmas card.

    Good news here as all our central Florida snow has melted. :)

  3. Good to see the birds returning. Great photos of the bluebirds.

  4. Love the bluebird photos. That first photo is wonderfully timed!

  5. There is nothing like spring emerging out of winter.
    Your bird photos are exquisite.

  6. Amazing sky.


  7. Entzückend die Bluebirds !
    Die gibt es bei uns in Deutschland nicht, dafür viele Meisenarten.
    Natürlich bewundere ich wie immer die herrliche Fotoserie, danke dafür !
    ♥liche Grüße

  8. This was a lovely series Ken -- loved the female bluebird keeping an eye on things but letting the male do the choosing (perhaps she will have something to say about it all before the final housing decision is made for the year!). Your sky view really is wonderful and I'm so glad you are already seeing such wonderful birds.

  9. The blue birds reminded me of the song, “Somewhere over the rainbow where blue birds fly…”

    Heartening to see the Goldfinches with their moulting plumages and other winged wonders from the spring

    I’m so glad I stopped by.
    Your post gave me hope and joy. Thank you.

    And yes, gkad to see your posts. I pray that you continue to feel better. ✨🙏🏼
    Warm regards and good wishes for you and yours.


  10. What wonderful photos!
    Congratulations sir Kenneth.
    Thanks for sharing
    Good weekend.

  11. Those Bluebirds checking out a nest box are a welcome sign of spring! And all those other bird pictures are great!

  12. Hello ken,
    I am glad your weather is warming up, great for the walk and birdwatching.
    The bluebirds are beautiful, I hope they are using your birdhouse. I miss seeing the Goldfinches, they must all be there at your place. Love the cute Chicakdees. Your sunset is beautiful, lovely views and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  13. Oh, the bluebird on a dollop of snow is delightful. Your photos show wonderful clarity and the bird buffet looks like good healthy eating.

  14. another beautiful selection of gorgeous birds.

  15. The sunset really is breathtaking and you have so many visitors to your feeders. I love bluebirds and even when they are dusty blue, they are beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Everything is beautiful. My favorite today is the bluebird with the flicker as a backdrop!

    Be well Ken. Thanks for linking in this weekend.

  17. Wonderful pictures! That must be a good bluebird box. Maybe I should get one.

  18. The first one of the Golden Finch is fabulous! Thanks for joining in #Allseasons

  19. Such cool pictures. #allseasons

  20. Lovely bird collection, American Goldfinch are adorable birds. Spectacular sky shot . Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.

  21. I love all these bird pictures. You've captured so cute and adorable birds. Diamond Lake picture is amazing.

  22. What delightful pictures. I've never seen such a blue bird!

    My photos!


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