Thursday, July 7, 2022

Crops & Clips: Flashback to July, 2019

As I do each month, I enjoyed looking back over my archived photos, taken three years previously, to remember how things were then and how different it will be this month, our first summer of living in Connecticut.  

Searching for images which reflect favorite memes: critters of all kinds (especially birds), skies and clouds, reflections and flowers, as well as scenes which speak for themselves. We spent the entire month in Florida.

On July 2 we set out into the local preserve (the "Wounded Wetlands") early and were greeted by a sentinel Loggerhead Shrike with a message which we legally ignored, as we were residents and shared ownership of the entry area with all members of our Homeowners Association:

A Bald Eagle flew overhead carrying a  fish, and landed on top of a power pole to eat it:

A Mourning Dove with a full crop collected gravel to help him digest his meal:

At the lake, a Least Tern carried a small fish:

The unique pattern on the shell of this Florida Box Turtle will allow me to identify it the next time we meet:

White Ibis in flight:

A White-tailed Deer doe and her yearling fawn emerged from the roadside grasses:

Nearby stood a young buck:

The full Thunder Moon was lowering behind a gathering storm, about 20 minutes before sunrise: 

Thunderheads over the ocean broke up the sunlight, creating anti-solar rays which converged on the western horizon as a mirrored sunrise:

A Snowy Egret splashed through the shallows on bright yellow feet:

White Peacock butterfly on Lantana:

I photographed this Great Blue Heron in the darkness of early dawn:

A Tricolored Heron reflected nicely:

The extended dewlap of a displaying Brown Anole caught my eye:

I miss the Mangos this year in Connecticut, where they are priced at over $1.50 each. We had to give away bushels of them, from our two trees, to friends and neighbors. This relatively small tree bore abundantly:

Chop up mangos, onions, garlic and seasoning...

...sauté with filets of Mahi-Mahi...

...and enjoy:

Storms before sunrise on July 30:

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  1. Lovely photos, all!
    (ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

  2. You made the most of your outing. What an amazing eye you have.

  3. The fish looks delicious! Beautiful skies and a handsome buck!

  4. ...gorgeous images, the eagle in flight is a favorite of mine!

  5. You certainly are a talented photographer and the words are concise. Even the sky watch images are top notch. Have a nice week end.

  6. Hello,
    Wonderful post and look back on your outing and beautiful photos. Awesome birds images, I have a few favorites like the Eagle, great reflections of the Egret and Heron. Beautiful White Peacock butterfly. Your sky images are lovely. The fish dinner with mango

  7. Beautiful, timeless, and oh so colorful!!

    Thank you for choosing to participate at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend!!

  8. There are some really brilliant shots. The second one is great, and the tern with the fish. But the reflected 'anti solar rays' (I will have to google this) is really quite special. And of course the storm before sunrise. How lovely.

  9. And thanks for sharing it all at #Allseasons

  10. Such beautiful photos. Very nice. #Allseasons

  11. Incredible photography!
    You are indeed a very talented photographer!
    Happy Monday!

  12. Stunning photos ! Egret shot in dawn is a masterpiece . The dramatic sky shots took my breath away. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair

  13. I remember the first time I saw a mango in my 20's. I thought it looked weird and especially with black forming on the peel. I had just moved to MIami from Tennessee. It took some convincing to try to eat it. Your fish dish looks wonderful - perfect Florida dinner.

  14. Ha, the shrike made me smile, a classic picture opportunity. Great pictures all around Your mangoes sound more expensive than our imported ones. And to think that in Sri Lanka the roadside sellers would give them away as "extras" to shoppers.

  15. Your archives is packed with beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them with us at

  16. Love your photos. They are always perfect! The eagles are always so inspiring. We see them most weekends on the lake when we are boating.

  17. Oh fun Florida memories Ken. As we are getting older and exploring less, I am happy to have pictures from our past travels (I wish I had even a fraction of the wonderful bird photos you have taken). But I think we are the same in that the pictures bring back so many wonderful memories -- thank you for sharing yours.


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