Thursday, June 8, 2017

A wet welcome to Illinois

The rains came as soon as we arrived in NE Illinois at the end of  April, and nighttime temperatures dropped to near freezing the first few nights. In between raindrops and braving high winds, we managed to get a few hours outdoors each day. While not providing much exercise, our daughter's back yard was quite productive.

A double rainbow was visible when an afternoon rainstorm skirted by:

Double Rainbow2 MAY 2017

As I was roasting a chicken on their patio grill, I ran for my camera when a colorful House Fince started singing in a nearby tree:

House Finch 03-20170503

House Finch 05-20170503

House Finch 01-20170503

A curious Black-capped Chickadee landed on the fineal atop an umbrella on the deck:

Black-capped Chickadee 04-20170503

It eyed me from a post on the deck railing:

Black-capped Chickadee 07-20170503

Agramonte, their 10 year old Tibetan Mastiff, struck a regal pose:

Agramonte - Tibetan Mastiff 20170503

Siboney, from his same blood line, at 1 1/2 years old is now almost as big:

Siboney - Tibetan Mastiff 20170503

Mary Lou and I visited the Japanese Garden at Fabyan Park in nearby Geneva. The foot brige and its railings cast pleasant reflections:

Japanese Garden bridge 02-20170512

For the past few years, a pair of Great Horned Owls has raised its family in a tree at Fabyan Park. This spring two owlets were hatched, but only one made an appearance when we visited the nest:

Great Horned Owls 3-20170512

Great Horned Owlet 20170512

Numerous Baltimore Orioles were present in the park, which runs along the west bank of the Fox River:

 Baltimore Oriole 20170512

Canada Geese were accompanied by newly hatched goslings:

Canada Geese 01-20170512

We saw a few warblers, among them a Yellow-rumped *Myrtle" Warbler...

Yellow-rumped Warbler 02-20170512

...captured as if suspended in mid-hop:

Yellow-rumped Warbler 20170512

A White-breasted Nuthatch foraged upside-down:

White-breasted Nuthatch 20170512

Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were early spring arrivals:

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 20170512

In the Japanese Garden, a Common "Bronzed" Grackle  posed on a rock:

Common Grackle 20170512

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  1. Your pictures are always exquisite!

  2. Love those 2 dogs but not the bill for feeding them. All your bird images are superb Kenneth

  3. A beautiful and interestingpost, two of the birds are very similar to ours, the House finch, our Linnet, and the Blck-capped chickadee. to a couple of our tits.
    All the best, Gordon.

  4. So many lovely shots (and critters)...I could never pick a fav

  5. A gorgeous and glorious series, Kenneth! And Siboney is delightful! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photographic talent!

  6. Beautiful shots! I really like the owl pics.

  7. What a fine collection of photos. Love your reflection shot and the owls are terrific.

  8. Such beautiful pictures... the bridge reflection is wonderful... and love all of the birds, especially the owls.

  9. awesome. can't decide which one is my favourite.

  10. A tranquil reflection and beautiful images of birds - I wish I was able to take such clear shots of wildlife.

  11. Hello, the double rainbow is beautiful. I love the bridge and reflection shot too. The birds are awesome, wonderful variety and photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  12. wow your nature is wonderful Love from Poland

  13. Thank you so much for sharing the Rainbow with me and that nice House Fince. So nice to see it has a bit red in his body!

  14. As always, exceptional photos Ken!! Imagine, having so many visitors while your BBQing on the patio. You must be living right!! Love the 'mid hop' image. Timed so well.

    That reflection of the Japanese bridge in the garden is a stunner!

    Thanks for linking in and sharing your experiences and photos with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!

  15. You have shared so many lovely birds. They are so pretty! Love the reflection in the Japanese garden. I like that photo!
    Have a good new week. From Japan.

  16. A lovely welcome! Beautiful dog. I love your photos!

  17. I think you managed to capture almost all of my very favorite birds in your post. Love the photo of the owlet,what an amazing thing to see.

  18. The owl - envious of your capture! I haven't even ever seen one. Yesterday night we put the woodstove back on, because our temps in the mountains dropped significantly! Unheard of in the southern part of the state (California).As always an inviting and interesting post - many thanks for linking to All Seasons - you were first this week:):) Have a great week -for all of us - I hope warmer!

  19. Great shots!
    Thank you so much for sharing at

  20. You had some lovely visitors to welcome you to Illinois! I love the regal dog and the awesome bridge.

  21. Wonderful photos! Have a good week.

  22. Beautiful rainbow shot! Love the dogs and the Japanese garden, but my favorite photos is the Baltimore Oriole
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  23. You even make that grackle look special. Excellent eye catching the finch and chickadee, I only wonder what I've got going on in my front yard with conservation areas and marshes and parks so close. Nice job getting the dbl rainbow too. What sweet pups, I see the mastiff in them, especially since you captured the drool, lol.

  24. Those are very lovely shots of beautiful creatures. I specially love the owl and the picture of the bridge. I've always wanted to have a display bridge in the garden, but hasn't yet materialized! Thanks for dropping by my post.

  25. A lovely bird-filled day! great photos...and I love the Japanese moon bridge!

  26. Definitely a wonderful collection of critters! Stunning images!

  27. I like all the photos on this entire blog.Love the gentle birds of all kinds on this one. Love the house finch and the owl. Great Shots. Have a wonderful weekend, cheers.


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