Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mirrored Black-necked Stilts

A little after sunrise, the wind was calm and the sky was entirely clear. The surface of the lake mirrored the unblemished blue from above. The morning silence was broken by the strident flight calls of two Black-necked Stilts as they settled near the water's edge.

Black-necked Stilt 001-20190401

Black-necked Stilt 002-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 012-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 018-20190401

Two more arrived...

Black-necked Stilts 014-20190401

and three others joined them, seven in all:

Black-necked Stilts 004-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 005-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 007-20190401

Stilts on still water 20190401

My camera's auto-focus was confused about whether to sharpen the real or the virtual image, and I too was a bit dazzled by the sight of fourteen black and white red-legged birds. Over the open water there was no sense of depth perception and my photos appeared to be two-dimensional:

Black-necked Stilts 020-20190401

It was like spelling banana-- I didn't know when to stop!

Black-necked Stilts 010-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 011-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 009-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 008-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 006-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 022-20190401

Black-necked Stilts 013-20190401

Suddenly they flew off together and left me all alone, looking at an empty mirror:

Black-necked Stilts 003-20190401

The next day (April 2), the Sun again rose against a cloudless sky. Venus shone above the crescent Moon:

 Moon and Venus 20190402

In the semi-darkness twenty minutes before sunrise, I had set my camera at maximum sensitivity and was rewarded when an Eastern Screech-Owl decided to call from a small tree next to the path. I did not use a flash and the image is a bit soft (hand-held with an exposure of 1/20 second at ISO 16,000). Click on the photo and look closely at its eyes to see a reflection of dawn's light on the horizon:

Eastern Screech-Owl 01-20190402

Eastern Screech-Owl EYE-20190402

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  1. I really love the graphic qualities of these pictures.

  2. Stilts are such cool-looking birds, all dressed up in their tuxedos with no particular place to go.

  3. WOW! Kenneth. I was not sure if I should stand on my head or stand on my feet to see your images of the Black -winged Stilts. The reflections are outstanding and I love that Owl. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love the Stilts, aren't they terrific, and reflections, excellent.

  5. The "mirror" shots are amazing! Such a strong, clear reflection. And the owl shot is wonderful. You must have a very steady hand for a sharp image at 1/20th second. Cool to see the eye close up!

  6. I love the look of the stilts - gorgeous in flight and mesmerizing reflections when standing in water.

  7. LOVE your bird reflections. perfect.

  8. Those reflections are brilliant.

  9. These bird reflections are works of art! And that EYE!!!!! The whole world seems reflected in there. :)

  10. I like the one with one bird. A really nice capture.

  11. Positively STUNNING series of captures Kenneth. Those stilts are gorgeous birds, and to see them in such numbers! I too would have had a problem knowing when to stop pressing the shutter button :-). Last week spotted here a Red Kneed Stilt. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wonderful shots - sometimes everything just works!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  13. Amazing shots! They are beautiful birds and love the reflections!

  14. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! I LOVED SEEING THE MIRRORED reflections of the stilts!!!

    I am here to send you my thanks for linking in with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend.

  15. Hello Ken, these are all beautiful images of the Stilt. The reflections are just gorgeous. Love the sky image and the owl is awesome. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! PS, thanks so much for leaving me a comment.

  16. Thanks for linking up these lovely images with us at

  17. Your captures are mind-boggling, Ken - in design and sharpness! Am really enjoying how you tracked them in different formations and in flight for All Seasons. Greatly appreciated.
    Also, many thanks for your encouraging comment about my plein air in Utah last week!

  18. Great photos. I love the reflections.

  19. These are amazing Ken! Love the ‘mirror’ reflection images (stilts are wonderful birds) and smiled at the bananana...reference! And the Owl...fabulous sighting and to top it off with the eye is beyond love,y.

  20. Lovely photos! I love all the reflection photos! Have a great week.

  21. What fantastic images! Those reflections are perfection!


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