Thursday, November 20, 2014

Crops & Clips: Alaska!

My weekly potpourri gathered from the archives features... Alaska!

CRITTERS: No lack of interesting furry, feathery and finny creatures, all seen in the wild* during various trips to Alaska:

Horned Puffin in Resurrection Bay, out of Seward (June, 2011):

Horned Puffin (Fratercula corniculata) 3-20110625

Sea Otter in Ketchimak Bay, out of Homer (June, 2011):

Sea Otter head crop 20110622

Harbor Seals out of Ketchikan (June, 2014):

Harbor Seals 3-20140615

A Common Redpoll in Talkeetna (June 2011):

Common Redpoll 2-20110618

Black Bear eating grass, out of Ketchikan (June 2014):

Black Bear eating grass 20140615

Had to dig deeply in the archives to find this scanned photo of a Grizzly (Alaskan Brown Bear) in Denali National Park that I took with my little 35 mm film camera before I even knew about DSLR (August, 1996). Note that the poor bear has had an encounter with a Porcupine and its face is full of quills. I wonder whether it survived:


*OK, I lied about only including photos from the wild. This bear was in Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, Illinois (August, 2009). I had to show my picture to SOMEONE!

Bear 20090822

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FENCES: Look closely-- there is a railing, it should qualify.

My photo "oil painting" of an old boat in Hoonah, June, 2014 (click on photo for enlarged images):

Hoonah Alaska painting 20140616

There just aren't many fences in wide-open Alaska, but this one is keeping our granddaughters safe, so maybe this will do (June 2014):

Graci and Cari at Hoonah 20140616

Linking to GOOD FENCES by Tex (Theresa). 


SKYWATCH: Departing Ketchikan on a gray day (June 2014):

Departing Ketchikan 20140615

Much nicer sky view from the moving train (June 2014):

View from Denale-Anchorage train 03-20140623

Linking to SKYWATCH FRIDAY by Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy


REFLECTION: View from the Alaska Railroad train from Denali to Anchorage-- pardon the blur in the foreground as the train wouldn't stop for me! (June 2014)

View from Denale-Anchorage train 02-20140623



  1. Wow - stunning wildlife shots!

  2. some great views and really great critters! thanks, in advance, for linking in!

  3. WOW1 and WOW! again. Kenneth your shots area awesome. the Puffin flight shots is amazing, the Sea Otter is really funny, the soulful eyes of the Seals are mournful and love all 3 bear shots. That is a really lovely painting. Wouldn't mind that one on my wall. You sky shots with the reflections in these beautiful scenes are amazing. Have a greast weekend.

  4. Nice critter photos! Especially the last one of the bear. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  5. Great post. All the critters were wonderful, I love wildlife.
    Your boat paiting with the railing was neat, a fun effect.
    Railings on ships are very important and your grandkids looked to be having lots of fun.
    Wonderful sky shots too.

  6. So many wonderful images!!! Hard to choose a favourite!

  7. Some great photos there especially the animals.

  8. Ah the skies are breathtaking here! Love the close up shot of the bear and the puffin:)

  9. The sea otter looks so cute ! I very fond of the serie with the lake reflection in the pine wood, it is a very pleasant place.

  10. Beautiful powerful scenery and that bear looks a bit mean


  11. SWF newbie here and I am so pleased I chose to stop by your link today. Canada/Alaska are one of the destinations on my bucket list I want to visit for the beautiful scenery and the wildlife. Loving the Sea Otter and your Reflections Photo the best, but they are all fabulous and have me longing to visit soon!

  12. Incredible photos! Wonderful encounters. I feel so bad for the poor bear with the porcupine quills though.

  13. What a great collection of photos!! Really like your Alaska sky shots.

  14. Amazing creations captured beautifully!

  15. wow...your photos are beautiful..I like the lsky reflection in the lake...and the shots of the wildlife are tremendous...

  16. Beautiful shots of the place. First one is amazing shot.

  17. Magnificent wildlife shots! Wow!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  18. Wonderful photos! I love the puffin, the otter and the seals.

  19. Wonderful capture of the Horned Puffin in flight, such a colorful face and bill. The Common Redpoll is really a colorful bird, the red on its head is so intense. Alaska looks like such a wonderful unspoiled place to observe nature and wildlife, but I guess men always have to have their toys. The yellowlegs seem to enjoy the water though.

  20. Gorgeous photographs! The puffin is amazing...hard to believe he's even real, though obviously he is! :-)

  21. These are just fantastic!

  22. Isn't it the most amazing State! Such an honor to have gotten to visit. Your critter pictures are so very good.

  23. How do you texturize your photos? Is it a plug-in or do you do it manually? I like how you applied the HDR effect on some of the snaps but it doesn't look as cartoonish as some HDR photos appear.


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