Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crops & Clips:Bald Eagles

My weekly potpourri gathered from the archives features eagle themes...

CRITTER: Bald Eagle

A pair of eagles whose nest is near our Florida home provide endless photo opportunities.

Bald Eagle male Pride roosting 3-20140225

Bald Eagle male in pursuit 2-20140314

Bald Eagle female roosting 2-20140110

They are a devoted couple...

Eagle Pair at Nest 20081211

...cooperating at nest-building or disagreeing about where to place this stick?

Bald Eagle female and male rearrange stick 20131127

Over eight breeding seasons we have watched their chicks grow up from little fuzzy white balls...

Bald Eagle proud papi 20140126 hulking flight-ready eaglets, actually bigger than their parents.

Bald Eaglet Glory begging from male adult Pride  20140330


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FENCES: Protection

We worked with the Mayor, who declared the site a Bald Eagle Sanctuary. The traffic department put up cones to deter parking in front of their nest. A local merchant donated the fence, shown here as it was being erected in 2009:

Fence Construction At Eagle Nest Site Beginning 20090306

Fence Construction At Eagle Nest Site Underway 20090306

Please Keep Out sign 20131216

Eagle Watchers 2-20090409
Our granddaughter, then only 4 years old, watches the nest.

Nieta Watching Eagle Nest 20090208

Still at it just after her 10th birthday!

Graci at eagle nest 20140317

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SKYWATCH: Eagle soaring

Eagle Flying 20090203

Linking to SKYWATCH FRIDAY by Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy


REFLECTIONS: Only their white heads show up.

Ketchikan, Alaska, June 15, 2014

Bald Eagles adults 20140615

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For updated information about the Bald Eagle nest, follow this link to my Bald Eagle Nest FORUM .


  1. Wow! Great variety of eagle sightings!

  2. just amazing birds! so glad their nesting site is protected!

  3. Isn't it wonderful that your grand daughter is till taking an interest in birds and these Eagle pair and their young shots are brilliant. Great fences and lovely reflection in the water of the Eagles.

  4. they are gorgeous birds and you captured them so beautifully. Sure wish there was a nest that close to my house.

  5. How absolutely fantastic that you get to see these amazing birds. So glad they are protected and I love that your granddaughter is still interested in them after all these years.

  6. Wow - fabulous shots of these majestic birds!

  7. Not sure if my comment got through. Fabulous shots!

  8. great photos, eagles are such a majestic creature

    my blog moved to

  9. You are a fortunate person! These photos are amazing! To get to watch them over several years is just wonderful! And this is the fence extraordinaire! Protecting this nesting site is a wonderful endeavor and I salute you and all who had a part in it!

  10. This whole post gave me goosebumps, from your spectacular photos of those magnificent eagles to the establishment of that area as a sanctuary for them to your granddaughter enjoying watching them through the years - such great stuff! Every one of your eagle photos is first rate, but that second one - it truly took my breath away and even after looking at it several times, there's still something about it that really speaks to me. The one of the eagle soaring against the sky is also something really special. Beautiful post!

    1. P.S. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and for pointing out my boo-boo about the daylight saving-muddled timing of the sunrise. I'm a doof. :-)

  11. fabulous photos...good to see they are being protected

  12. All photos of the birds are quite remarkable.

  13. Wonderful shots of eagles. Very nice.

  14. great shots we have many here also

  15. The eagle photography is amazing and so beautiful! Lovely photography of nature.

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  16. Cool shots of the bald eagles! What a wonderful sight to see.

  17. Amazing eagle pictures, Iove the third one! The pictures of your granddaughter are soo cute! Pretty blue sky!

  18. Beautiful captures. The Eagles are such magnificent birds. It's wonderful to see that their nesting site is being protected.

  19. Such an iconic bird, and you photograph it so well! I like the ruffled feathers shot.

  20. Wow, the very first picture of the eagle is so impressive... The posture, the attitude of the bird... A true terrific national symbol indeed.

  21. What a conservation effort. Nice.
    My pick for the fav shot is the one with the nest. Guess they would have sensed the presence of cameras nearby....

  22. It must be amazing to be able to watch the eagles. They're gorgeous birds.

  23. Very nice to have such a bird nearby. I'm glad they are being protected.


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