Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crops & Clips:Living color

My weekly potpourri gathered from the archives features lots of color

CRITTERS: Fluttery and feathery...

In my experience, the term "critter" has evolved from one with derogatory implications to one more of endearment. As a kid I watched cowboy movies and usually the crooks were called "dirty critters." Then it came to be applied to cute little creatures, but now it seems all-encompassing of the living things in the animal kingdom that wiggle, creep, slither, swim, walk, run, flutter, fly, squeak, sing, roar... Well, that seems to leave out flowers and mushrooms, though bacteria and viruses can be pretty harmful critters too! These local critters provide a touch of color on the darkest day:

Julia Longwing, male, March 7, 2014:

Julia male 2-20140307

Zebra Heliconian, February 4, 2014:

Zebra heliconian underside 2-20140204

White Peacock:

White Peacock 20100221

Peacock Bass, caught in our lake by my next door neighbor, February 24, 2012:

Peacock Bass 2-20120224

Painted Bunting, male, March 10, 2013:

Painted Bunting 2-20130310

Northern Cardinal, December 28, 2013:

Northern Cardinal in Trema tree 2-20131228

Linking to Misty's  CAMERA CRITTERS,



FENCE: Julia meets Northern Phoebe on a fence rail, October 31, 2013:

Eastern Phoebe meets male Julia 20131031

Sandhill Crane just seems confined, April 11, 2011:

Sandhill Crane 20110411

Linking to GOOD FENCES by Tex (Theresa). 


SKYWATCH: Pink early spring dawn

Sun coming up from the east-northeast, from our back patio, March 28, 2011:

Sunrise 20110328

Linking to SKYWATCH FRIDAY by Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy


REFLECTION: Angry late autumn dawn

The rising sun now rears its head from the east-southeast, November 22, 2009:

Sunrise SOOC 2-20091122



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  1. A lot of incredible pictures there! Awesome sunrise!

  2. beautiful 'critters' and lovely skies! thanks for linking when you get a chance!

  3. Wow, what gorgeous pictures!
    I fell deeply in love with "Julia meets Phoebe",
    there you were at the right spot at the right time :)
    And I love the view from your back patio - I envy you :D
    Have a fine day

  4. We do not use the critters much in the UK certainly not the way the Americans do. Anyway, as usual all your photographs are wonderful. Love the butterflies, the birds and both sunrises shots are stunning. Thanks. for your comment on my blog. I agree that first shot is like an old master

  5. Such a beautiful collection. Incredible to me how you can catch those butterflies! And know their names. As you know, I have enough trouble with my birds. I remember people saying to kids 'you ornery little critter"... Not to me of course, my little brother did it;)

  6. love the white peacock butterfly and the sunrise sky image.

  7. Wow wow wow! You've really outdone yourself! Gorgeous.

  8. A wonderful array of shots. Thank you.

  9. An incredible series of photos! Excellent sunrise shots!!

  10. What great range of colours - and the post before really does show the remarkable advances in digital cameras.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: I think of talking to dog walkers and bike riders as a kind of civic duty!

  11. wonderful series of pictures... the skywatch capture is stunning!!!

  12. Beautiful and colorful butterflies.That reflection IS LOVELY.

  13. I love those butterflies. Hope the one survived it's encounter with the phoebe.

  14. Gorgeous butterfly captures! And I love the Painted Bunting.. Your sky shots are gorgeous.. Wonderful photos and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  15. I'm very fond of your butterfly pics : they are so impressive !

  16. Wonderful photos. The butterflies were beautiful. The shot with the bird on the fence and that moth (?) was amazing. Loved that last sunset shot, very pretty.

  17. Beautiful animal shots. Stunning skies.


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