Thursday, April 18, 2019

The many faces of a vireo

Birds' faces are frozen in place. They cannot smile, frown or otherwise change their expressions. Yet a certain tilt of a vireo's head can cause us humans to imagine that they can.

This White-eyed Vireo emerged from a thicket for only a few seconds as I feverishly snapped a burst of photos.

White-eyed Vireo 07-20190330

White-eyed Vireo 03-20190330

White-eyed Vireo 09-20190330

White-eyed Vireo 092-20190330

White-eyed Vireo 094-20190330

White-eyed Vireo 02-20190330

White-eyed Vireo 091-20190330

Back at home, we have a new addition (besides our latest great-granddaughter!). A boater damaged the Mallard decoy which serves as a float for our lawn irrigation system, so it was replaced by a goose. No sooner had it been put into service when a Double-crested Cormorant with emerald jewel eyes found it to be a convenient roost:

Double-crested Cormorant on decoy 01-20190326

Double-crested Cormorant portrait 03-20190326

The Palm Warblers are migrating away to the north. This was the last one I saw, on March 28:

Palm Warbler 03-20190328

Palm Warbler 02-20190328

Great Crested Flycatchers are passing through...

Great Crested Flycatcher 01-20190328 are Northern Parula warblers:

Northern Parula 2-20190328

A Raccoon paused on its way across the path:

Raccoon 02-20190328

A Black-and-White Warbler crept along the trunk of a small tree:

Black-and-White Warbler male 04-20190328

Black-and-White Warbler male 08-20190328

Mottled Ducks were courting. Two males chased three females:

Mottled Ducks 01-20190330

Plumages of both sexes are similar. The two males have plain greenish yellow to orange bills, while the bills of the females are darker orange with black markings. The variable color of the wing speculum is due to reflection of sunlight):

Mottled Ducks 091-20190330

Two pairs of Mottled Ducks lift off. Note the color of their bills. The males are often slightly larger than the females:

Mottled Ducks 08-20190330

It was not a good day for reflections on the lake:

Mottled Ducks 04-20190330

Before sunrise on March 31, an established feral Muscovy Duck looked out of place out in the wetlands:

Muscovy Duck before sunrise 20190230

The view to the west over still water, just before sunrise:

Sky to west at sunrise 20190408
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  1. Lots of wonderful snaps.

    Those cormorant eyes are amazing, huh.

  2. The vireo has such a vibrant face in these shots. Not a bird I was familiar with until now.

  3. Lovely set of photos, love the White-eyed Vireo. Cheers Diane

  4. I do like the vireo captures. He seems to have a little attitude happening!

  5. wonderful shots. Double-crested Cormorant sitting on a "goose" really made me laugh.

  6. Yet another stunning collection of captures Kenneth. That close up of the Cormorant is wonderful, as are the birds on the wing. Thank you for sharing your talents and God's creation. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  7. Hello, The Vireo is beautiful. I love all the birds and photos. Your ducks in flight is beautiful. Gorgeous sky and reflection. Awesome photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend! Happy Easter! PS, thanks for commenting on my post.

  8. Great reflections and I love the birds in flight and the Cormorant photos!

  9. Beautiful, once again! love your header and background by the way.
    My favorite today is the 4th from the bottom...that is worthy of framing in my opinion.

    Have a great holiday if you observe, and thanks for taking time to share your post and photos with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend!!

  10. The Vireo looks like a very inquisitive bird. I also like your Black and White Warbler.

  11. WOW! Love this post. The closeup of the double-crested cormorant is amazing!

  12. Really wonderful photos - every one of them, but when I got to the bottom of your post, I found myself scrolling back to the top to admire the White-eyed Vireo again!
    Have a wonderful week!

  13. The vireo has a definite stare:) The cormorant looks like not to be messing with, from up close. Love the masterful capture of the black and white warbler and the moments you caught of the flying ducks. Also the water reflection is perfect! Such a beautiful and versatile post, Ken. Happy to have you on board at All Seasons! have a lovely week:)

  14. The coromant's eyes are transfixing!
    Thanks for sharing at

  15. Such beautiful photos, but the turquoise eyes on the cormorant are amazing! Nice to see the raccoon make an appearance too.

  16. Excellent work! Your birds are stunning.

  17. Your birds are lovely but that cormorant's eye is just stunning! Nicely captured!

  18. I enjoyed all your beautiful photos, but my favorite is the one of the piggy-backing cormorant. Thank you for sharing your amazing photography.
    My post features a “crab cruise” in LaConner, Washington State, USA.


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