Thursday, June 3, 2021

Crops & Clips: Flashback to June, 2018

To kick off the month of June, I have once again turned to my photo archives, bringing back memories of three years ago, searching for favorite memes: birds and butterflies, flowers, reflections, colorful skies and scenes which speak for themselves.

We spent June, 2018 entirely in Florida. Early in the month, our Texas family visited and we drove to Shark Valley Visitor Center in Everglades National Park.

The range of Limpkins is nearly confined to Florida, so they are much sought after by visiting birders. Although they look somewhat like herons, they are more closely related to rails and cranes. Limpkins were abundant, as were Apple Snails, their favorite food:

"The Limpkin's bill is uniquely adapted to foraging on apple snails. The closed bill has a gap just before the tip that makes the bill act like tweezers. The tip itself is often curved slightly to the right so it can be slipped into the right-handed curve of the snail’s shell." (All About Birds, The Cornell Lab)  

Next to the parking lot at the entrance to the Visitor Center, an immature Red-shouldered Hawk cried out incessantly:

Alligators inhabited the canals, thrilling the many tourists:

At the local Bald Eagle nest, only one of the two eaglets survived to fledge. P Piney 19 was 5 months old, ready to leave the care of parents and likely migrate to the north where fish are easier to catch as the water is cooler and they are closer to the surface.

Out in the neighborhood wetlands, male Common Nighthawks patrolled nesting territories along the path. I accidentally captured the waning Strawberry Moon in this photo:

Killdeers also protested as we walked past their nests:

A Raccoon walked out into the open and looked at me before fleeing:

In the marsh, Pickerelweed thrust up their blue flowers...

...intermingling with the white blooms of Broadleaf Arrowhead (aka "Duck Potato" for its edible root tubers)...

...and Swamp Lily:

A "piebald" Little Blue Heron was molting from white juvenile to dark blue adult plumage:

A White-tailed Deer doe thrust up her tail as an alarm as she bolted for cover:

An immature Green Heron rested in a small Pond Cypress tree before flying off:

Young Wood Storks awaited to be fed at the rookery about 10 miles north of our home:

Along the path I encountered a Florida Box Turtle. Unfortunately, many people bring them home as pets, often not knowing that they do not live in the water or what to feed them:

Among the insects, A white Peacock...

...a Halloween Pennant...

...a Phaon Crescent...

...and a bee-like hoverfly:

A Great Egret reflected on June 27:

A foggy sunrise on June 29:

Along the path at 20 minutes before sunrise on June 30:

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  1. Wonderful photos! I enjoy seeing wildlife. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful post with so many things in it. I've never seen a white peacock butterfly...very beautiful, and the wood storks standing in their nest, what a site to behold. I've enjoyed every photo of this post. Also, thank you for paying a visit to my post. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Those limpkins are cool. I have never heard of them before. So I learned something thanks to you.

  4. I'm not familiar with limpkins - guess if I have seen one I thought it was a heron or something - as always I so admire and love your sunsets

  5. An amazing shot of the racoon! Lovely sunrise shots.

  6. An amazing shot of the racoon! Lovely sunrise shots.

  7. You have great enthusiasm for every critter. Excellent captures with apt literature

  8. Here I am, over 60, and thought I knew a lot about nature. I had never heard of limpkins before! Beautiful birds. They aren't native to me though, so I'll excuse myself!

  9. That was a fabulous "flashback", Ken!

    Hopefully, it portends great things for THIS June. Now that a bit of rain is showing up, we expect the forests and swamps to be filled with opportunity.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Wonderful set of pictures. We are back in lockdown - thankfully we are all good and I have a substantial backlog of pictures to share!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Yikes! That alligator. And love the big blurry moon in the back of that bird shot. Great atmosphere! Thanks for joining #Allseasons

  12. Wow ! The incredible shots of nature . Sky shots are brilliantly captured. Thanks for joining in Garden Affair.

  13. Beautiful photos, all, but I believe I fell in love with the limpkins!
    Thanks for sharing at

  14. Fascinating photos of critters and sky. Nice recap!

  15. A journey into your blog is pure bliss, Ken.

    I was bowled over by each and every species and the spectacular shots.

    Loved the way the racoon looked back at you.

    So glad these can be part of my #WW linky party.

    Have a restful week and I await more pictures from the unbridled wilderness.

    Since I cant really get out these bring joy and solace to my heart.

    Bless you. :)

  16. I have never heard of a limpkin so thank you for enlightening me. A great series of photos. I enjoyed each and everyone of them.

  17. Ken, such an array of goodies in this post, great days out and great memories I am sure. The Sunrise on June 29 is fabulous.
    Of the creatures, critters and flora the White Peacock stands out to me... just lovely.
    Keep well

  18. Another enjoyable post!

    I'm happy you chose to share your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


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